CSA Group A pick-up this Saturday 1230 – 2:00 pm

Hi everyone in Group A,

You can come get your veggies this Saturday between 12:30 and 2. This will be the normal time from now on. If you must be late we’ll be happy to put your food in a cooler for you.

We typically donate food after midday on Sunday if you do not show up and we do not hear from you. We will hold food in the coolers for longer if you ask us to. Bottom line is that we don’t want food to go to waste, and if we don’t hear from you by midday Sunday we will give it away.

If you need to switch your pick-up week or cancel, please let us know the day before your normal pick-up so we don’t harvest more than we need. You may text Laszlo, our Harvest Manager, at 203-560-0614 to let him know you need to switch or cancel. There is a clipboard in the hoophouse on which you can tell us about a future switch.

We anticipate that tomorrow you will receive:

  • lettuce
  • scallions
  • white Hakurai salad turnips
  • kale and or Swiss chard (maybe both!)
  • maybe peas
  • garlic scapes
  • herbs (cilantro, parsley)

Thanks to the folks who signed up to harvest and prep! Harvest starts at 830, prep at 10.

Check our website for recipes.
See you at the farm!

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