Our Harvest

We offer a wide variety of flavorful vegetables and herbs lovingly grown with attention to soil health and biodiversity.
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Education at the Farm

Education at Boulder Knoll is meant to foster and nurture connections between human systems, food systems and ecological systems.
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With your help, we can build on our spectacular year of successful farming and environmental education at Boulder Knoll.
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Registration for our 2015 CSA is now open to supporting members of Friends of Boulder Knoll. 

Registration for our 2015 CSA is now open to members of the Friends of Boulder Knoll. Supporting members of Friends of Boulder Knoll are offered the first opportunity to sign up for shares in the CSA, before shares are offered to the wider community. CSA shares sold out in just four weeks last year, and the demand is tremendous.

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CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, but we also like to think of it as Community Building Agriculture.

  • We provide healthy, local vegetables and fruit to 68 shareholders, local soup kitchens, and a New Haven restaurant. We hope you try some new vegetables, meet some new people and learn something new about nurturing food plants. Find out more about our CSA ->
  • Education is a central component and an essential element in the vision of the Friends of Boulder Knoll, the farm’s sponsoring organization. Our goal is to emphasize essential links between people, plants, and the earth, to develop interdisciplinary learning, and to promote environmental responsibility.
  • We believe that exposing the community, especially its youth, to the wonders, importance and value of agriculture, conservation, and outdoor recreation is critical to fostering future stewards of the environment.
  • We run the farm in a sustainable manner. We use solar electricity and do most of the bed preparation, planting, cultivating and some mowing with hand tools. We consider and incorporate permaculture practices. The farm is not certified organic, but we adhere to organic growing standards and have signed then CTNOFA Farmer’s Pledge, a commitment to farming, marketing and farm management in accordance with sound ecological and economic principles.

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