Newsletter: June 7, 2012

Strawberries are ready to pick!

You may, as part of your share, come to the farm and pick up to a quart of strawberries. The beds are right inside the fence to the left just past the Boulder Knoll Farm sign. You may come any time. It’s ok to come more than once a week. I will leave the quart containers in a box at the end of the first bed. Please walk in the paths to pick. Replace the white netting material when you are finished.

Share Distributions!

We are starting our veggie distributions this Saturday, June 9 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm for Group A. Come to the farm, bring a bag, and choose your veggies. There is always someone staffing the shed to help.
Here is some information about the logistics of picking up your produce:

Pick-up dates:

This list of CSA members indicates the pick-up dates for Groups A and B. You will pick up your produce every other week on Saturday afternoon between 3 and 5 pm.

Late pick-ups:

If you are late, your food will be bagged up and placed in a cooler OR in the sliding cabinet on the north side of the tool shed. (I’ll leave a note about where the food is.) If you are going to be late it’s fine to pick it up the next day, but you MUST LET ME KNOW BY SUNDAY MORNING TO HOLD IT FOR YOU. Unclaimed shares may be donated Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.

Switching your pick-up week:

You may switch your pick-up day to the week prior to or the week after your normal pick-up day. You MUST TELL ME THE FRIDAY BEFORE YOUR NORMAL PICK-UP DAY. If you want to pick up the week before, I need to know by the preceding Friday. Bottom line tell me as soon as you can. There’s a switch list on a clipboard in the hoophouse.

Bad weather on harvest day:

If the weather is bad on the morning of the Saturday harvest, I will (very infrequently) postpone the harvest until Sunday. You will get an email early in the day to that effect. It will be posted on our Facebook page and the Boulder Knoll Community Farm blog.


Please head-in park in the parking lot right next to the road. Walk back to the white hoophouse to pick up your share. If you are picking up late, you may park next to the hoophouse.

It’s fine if someone else besides you picks up your share. Please tell them about these procedures especially the information about picking up late.


Our Environmental Educator, Sven Pihl, has a great line-up of workshops planned.Check out our schedule of upcoming events. Please RSVP if you want to come to any of his interesting workshops.

Work at the Farm

Thank you to all of the members and other friends who have come to the farm so far. The crops look good – potatoes, leeks, onions, garlic, kale. People have said it looks better than prior years at this time. You all make a difference – your effort, your attention, your ideas. The new high tunnels are almost ready to plant into. What a difference they’ll make!

Working on harvest days:

It’s important that we fully staff all of the Saturday harvests. You can sign up to work harvests (starting at 8:30) weeks in advance. Please refer to the work calendar on the Boulder Knoll Farm website to see which Saturdays need coverage. If you sign up for a harvest, I would like you to come at 8:30 when it begins. You don’t have to stay for the full 4 hours. People need to listen carefully, follow directions and move at a reasonable pace. After all, this is where the rubber hits the road.

Farm Wish List:

  • Rubber bands and twist-ties for the share-outs (lots)
  • Quart and pint containers
  • 2x8s any length (prefer not pressure-treated) for raised strawberry beds
  – wood preservative for the raised beds
  • Cardboard – large sheets without holes and slits
- 20 lb barbell weights
  • Binoculars for the education station (got one pair – anyone have another?)
  • Hook up hose to the sink in the hoophouse
  • Compost stuff from your kitchen and yard (grass clippings (no pesticides), veggie-based food scraps including eggshells, rabbit poop)


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