News from the farm: Week 9

Your share this week will include all the usual summer veggies, including some bell peppers. Eggplants and tomatoes are coming in slowly – we’re still feeling the delay caused by the weeks of June rain. I think we may have a pint of Sungold cherry tomatoes this week for everyone. You might also receive fingerling potatoes and onions. I’m not sure what the fruit will be. Maybe melons, which were amazing last week!

The group is getting better about remembering to pick up shares! Thanks for letting me know if you’ll be late or that you need to cancel. Please remember to tell me ahead of time (the day before if at all possible) if you won’t be picking up your share that week. If you are letting someone else pick up your share, please tell them how to get in touch with me if they can’t make it.

The pulling party

Thank you to those who partied with the weeds today. We had a good time, got sweaty and dirty, and felt really good about how the kale, chard and tomatillo beds looked when we were done. It’s amazing what a focused group can do. Thank you!! We saved some weeds for the rest of you, so if you didn’t have a chance to come today you didn’t miss all the fun.

Interesting animal happenings

Today two people were picking up cardboard to bring down into the garden. They uncovered a little snake who had gotten stuck on the packing tape on one of the cardboards. They carefully unstuck it and it slithered off in a flash. We have no idea how long it had been there but it is amazing that they found it still in good condition. If you bring cardboard to the farm (yes we can still use big sheets), please remove tape if it’s very sticky. I had no idea that it was a hazard to animals, but I guess lots of different creatures could have gotten stuck on it.

Today we saw a very large grey hawk being bothered by two mockingbirds. It sure looked like an osprey but what was it doing over the farm?

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