Our Fruit Supplier in the News

We just found this article about High Hill Orchard, where we get our ecologically-grown fruit for our CSA shareholders!

Frosty Harvests, A Season in Reverse
by Jan Ellen Spiegel, New York Times
October 1, 2010

In the dead of winter when other farmers are ordering seed, Mr. Young, 51, will be dealing with farm chores and customers. “It’s kind of like — January and February: ‘Oh, what am I doing here? Oh yeah, I got paid for it a long time ago,’ ” he said. “It does drag it out a little longer with a winter C.S.A. than you might want.

But that has been Mr. Young’s choice for the last dozen or so years. Not that he is the only one taking advantage of the exploding demand for local produce year round. He is, however, one of the few who focus on fruit in winter. His farm, High Hill Orchard in Meriden, has 13 acres of apples and 8 acres of pears among 25 cultivated acres that also include peaches, plums and other strictly summer fruits and vegetables, which he sells directly from his farm stand.

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