News from the Farm – August 20, 2010

Work issues

Potatoes are fun to harvest, for adults and kids, especially if there are a few nice people to work with. Come to help with the potato harvest tomorrow, Saturday 8/21, starting at 11 am.

We need more people to work the harvests. If we have 3 members besides me and my daughter Alani, it’ll go much faster and you will get a better share. Come at 8:30 and leave when you need to. Please contact Annmarie Golioto if you can help on Sundays or Wednesdays. Signing up for harvests weeks ahead of time really helps us plan.

Here’s what you’ll probably get this week:

  • potatoes (Austrian Crescent fingerling, Keuka Gold or Kennebec)
  • scallions
  • eggplant (could be a choice with squash and other things)
  • tomatoes (cherry and regular-sized heirloom varieties)
  • parsley, basil for pesto, kale or chard
  • cucumbers
  • garlic (Sunday)
  • not sure about the fruit selection this week – probably choice of melon or peaches

Pick up issues

PLEASE tell me when you’re not going to pick up.  Write it on the switch sheet if you know in advance. Most members are remembering to do this. Last week was good – only a couple of no shows.

Please look carefully at the white board to guide your selection process. If you goof, you might be taking something that belongs to someone else. Ask the member who is staffing the shed for help if you need it.

Tag sale

Our huge benefit sale is September 4th on the Cheshire green in front of the Congregational Church.  You can rent a space for a $10 donation and sell your own stuff or just donate the items to the Friends of Boulder Knoll. Good stuff only please! Furniture is welcome – It sells well. You can bring last minute items when you pick up your food this week. I’ll help you get it into Bob Giddings’ barn next door. And don’t forget to come to the sale – You’ll be impressed by the quantity and quality!

Contact for more info.

The farm dinner

We had a blast. Thanks to all who attended! Check out the pics on our website Thanks especially to members Fellis and Hap Jordan who worked really hard to make it an event to remember and to Meredith Berger, Dan Groberg, Bob Giddings, Kathryn Frund, Greg Melville, my family and others who came early to staff the shed, make flower arrangements, set up drinks, handle parking, and so on.

See you at the farm!

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