News from the farm – Week of October 20, 2009

Annual Meeting
You are warmly invited to the annual meeting of the Friends of Boulder Knoll at 7 pm on Thursday, October 22, in the Old Chapel at Elim Park, 140 Cook Hill Road in Cheshire.  We will review and celebrate the past year, elect this coming year’s Board of Directors and officers, and discuss plans for the coming year.

Work needs
I have been away for a few days but am back now ready to get the garden ready for next year. If you can spare a few hours during the week or the weekend, please let me know.

I am planning to be at the farm during afternoon hours for the next few weeks in good weather. I do have some flexibility, so if you would like to come out in the morning, please email or call me (home 393-1245 or cell 645-1734). We need to spread manure and compost on all the growing beds, pull out and compost plants, take down trellises, plant cover crop, mow, weed and put wood chips on paths.

Garlic Planting
Stay tuned for info about this November event.

Extra Share
Thanks to all those who took the opportunity to receive an extra week of veggies from the farm. We opened this up to those on the waiting list after you signed up. We will receive over $250 in donations from existing members and friends for this (very cold) effort. If you haven’t sent your donation, please send a check made out to Friends of Boulder Knoll to PO Box 1329, Cheshire, CT 06410.

Keep it coming! We want kitchen waste including coffee grounds, egg shells, paper towels and napkins. I’d welcome leaves too (no large sticks please). Please place new stuff on the far right side of the bins.

Thanks to all of you, especially people who have come out to help even after they’ve put in all of their requisite hours and Fellis, who knows just when I need a hot cup of coffee, a muffin, or a warm veggie treat.

Brenda – Your exuberant and sometimes chilly farmer

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