The 2024 Season

In 2024 Boulder Knoll Community Farm will continue to evolve and improve our hybrid model – a small-scale, environmentally sustainable farm in Cheshire, CT that offers:

  1. Gardening plots to individuals and community groups / organizations.
    Lessees  pay a seasonal fee of $70, which provides gardening privileges for two 25-30ft long beds (you may lease more gardening space if desired) and membership in Friends of Boulder Knoll, the non-profit that manages the farm.As a lessee or “plotter”, you are the farmer of your own garden area and you can plant, nurture and harvest the vegetables and flowers you choose. You also have full use of the farm’s resources, including tools, water, farm community and educational events and more.
  2. Membership in a gardening collaborative called Seeds&Weeds.
    Seeds&Weeds is a group of 10-15 gardeners who join together to plan, plant, care for and harvest vegetables in a gardening area large enough to accommodate their families’ needs. Costs are higher because this group has the support of a farmer throughout the season. In 2024 the cost for membership will be $225, with the expectation of a work commitment of at least 3-5 hours/week throughout the growing season.

Please link to the BKCF Handbook for additional information about the benefits and responsibilities of membership at Boulder Knoll Community Farm.

If you are interested in joining us in any capacity: Plotter, Member of Seeds&Weeds, Volunteer, Workshop Facilitator – please email us with your contact information and we will respond as quickly as possible.