First Education Events of the Year

Three Sisters Gardens

May 13, from 5:30-6:30pm
Recommended ages: 12 and under

What do you get when you cross Native American lore, mutualistic relationships and farming?  A Three Sister’s Garden!

Bring the kids down for an afternoon of storytelling, sowing seed and fun! You get to bring home your very own Three Sister’s Garden to watch and learn how these siblings get along.

Spring Hike

May 23, from 5:30-7:00pm
All are welcome!

What’s coming out of the ground?  Can you spot the intruders?

Join us at the farm for a spring Walk-N-Talk and see what native plants are emerging from the ground and, how they need to fight for their rightful place among the dreaded invasive plant species.

Freshwater Fishing

May 31, from 5:30pm-when we catch some fish!
Recommended ages: 7-12

Lets discover the common freshwater fish species in our area!

We’ll learn about anatomy, habits and life cycles of our water loving friends.  We will also make a minimalist’s fishing pole and learn some basic fishing techniques and see what we can catch at a local pond minutes away from the farm.  We will meet at the farm and drive over to the pond, caravan style, so be prompt!  Fish On!


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