Dear Group A folks,

I have to go out of town Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a funeral.

I am changing our harvest and distribution to this Thursday, Sept 13th. You may come get your veggies between 3 and 630. If you need to be late, let me know by email or text and I’ll bag your share. (I’ll even try to accommodate your choices if you tell me what you’d prefer.)Please let me know by midday tomorrow if this time change will be impossible for you. In that case we’ll change your pick up to Sept 22nd.

We need 4 harvesters and 2 prep people. Harvest will be from 830 until 1130 or whenever we’re done. Prep folks can come at 1030. We need someone to staff this distribution in the shed (for at least the last couple of hours). The people who had signed up for the Saturday shift gets first dibs. Please let Annmarie know if you can do any of these tasks on Thursday.I anticipate that your share will include:

  • apples
  • Swiss chard or kale choice (and maybe some other yummy greens too, like tatsoi or arugula)
  • tomatoes
  • peppers/eggplant/green beans choice
  • onions
  • garlic
  • edamame
  • basil

Here’s a great way to preserve herbs for the winter: Use 2 cups herb leaves to 1/3 cup olive oil or 2-4 TBS leaves to 1/2 cup unsalted butter. Pulse in a food processor until you have a a chunky paste. Package for freezing: Put 1 cup herb oil or 1/2 cup herb butter in a 1 quart zip top freezer bag. Flatten it so that it makes a thin layer. Freeze flat. Cut a piece off when you need it and use it within 6 months. Use herb oil for salad dressing, pasta, soups, stews. Use herb butter for veggies, meat, pasta, fish, popcorn. What about using lavender or anise butter in cookies and cakes? Yummy!

Thanks for your understanding.

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