Your CSA farm share on Saturday 7/28/12 – Pick-up time is from 1230 until 2 pm

Greetings to B Group!

I have officially changed our distribution time to 1230 – 2 pm for both pick-up groups.

I anticipate that you will receive:

  • onions
  • carrots or beets (choice?)
  • garlic
  • Swiss chard
  • fingerling potatoes
  • cucumbers
  • squash
  • blueberries or peaches, depending on the weather and High Hill Orchard’s harvest

We could use one more person at 7 to harvest veggies. I need one person to come at 1215 until about 230 to staff the shed during pick-up time. I’d like this person to be an experienced CSA member please.Please contact Annmarie Golioto if you would like to do either of these jobs this week.

As always, please email me (or text my cell phone) if you are going to be late picking up or you need to cancel your pick-up.  You should tell me about a cancellation (or if you’d like to switch your pick up week) no later than noon on Friday.

Important note: If you have someone else pick up your share, please tell them where and when to come for the food. It would be good for me to have their contact info in case we have to get in touch with them.


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