Work Requirements

Part of our mission is to educate folks about sustainable agricultural practices, the natural environment and responsible uses of open space.

We believe that asking members for a modest amount of work on the farm is one manifestation of this goal. Most of our shares require a total of five or fifteen hours to be completed over the course of the season. That’s just a couple hours a month!

One might work on administrative tasks, harvest, preparing produce for distribution, field work, building or mechanical work depending on one’s ability and inclination. Children accompanying adults are welcome, as we believe they should engage in meaningful work and have a first hand understanding of where food comes from. We have had consistently positive feedback from members and volunteers about their work experiences at Boulder Knoll Community Farm.

A few work-intensive shares are offered for people who have an interest in being more deeply involved in growing practices. Our farmer must interview and approve all work-intensive members, and preference is given to those with previous Boulder Knoll experience. Work intensive shares put in a majority of their hours during April, May and June, the early part of the season.

A limited number of shares that do not require work are available at an additional cost for those who are unable to or who would prefer not to commit to any hours of work.